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Facing Allegations of Fabricated and Induced Illness

Facing Allegations of Fabricated and Induced Illness

A guest blog from an anonymous professional

So what do you do if the suggestions that your child’s difficulties ‘don’t exist, as professionals can’t see them’ or that ‘you are causing or fabricating your child’s difficulties’ start to be aired publicly?

These are some tips based on shared experiences. Continue reading “Facing Allegations of Fabricated and Induced Illness”

When ‘Mum’ Seems Anxious

When ‘Mum’ Seems Anxious

A guest blog by Helen and Jack’s Mum

‘I suspect the problem is her Mum who is really overanxious’. ‘I only spoke to Mum once but she seemed very over stressed’.

I knew what was being said about me in that meeting because my friend was sat there, not as my friend but in her role as a teacher from another school.  She told them she knew me socially and she had already asked me if it was OK to stay in the room while ‘We’ were being discussed by the meeting.  I had said it was OK for her to be there – she knew it all anyway and looking back now with hindsight, I’m so glad I had one person sat there believing what I said was true.  I also had one person who was brave enough to tell me what was truly said at the meeting.  At least I knew what they really thought. Continue reading “When ‘Mum’ Seems Anxious”

The Penny Dropping

The Penny Dropping

A guest post by Rosie and Jo’s Dad

That sound you can hear, it’s a penny dropping.

When Rosie was first diagnosed with Asperger’s, people kept explaining things she was finding difficult, how she saw the world in a different way, how she wasn’t picking up on “normal” clues and therefore communication was difficult and this was increasing her anxiety. When Jo started on the same journey more things were highlighted; executive function (it’s taken me 3 weeks to get round to typing this), deep all consuming interests and a desire to get away from social situations and have time on her own. The fact that they wanted these things or had these characteristics wasn’t a massive shock to me, the fact that other people didn’t and that they were considered “different” was.

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Engaging with Professionals when you are a Parent with Asperger’s

Yesterday’s guest post highlighted difficulties that many have found shocking.   There is one element, however, that she has reflected on more here: that of being a parent when you are “on the spectrum” yourself.

Further to the “Surprise Child Protection Meeting” incident where I went to a meeting expecting ‘help’ and after arriving found out it was a full CP meeting… it made me think.  One of the questions was “How does having Asperger’s impact on your ability to care for your children?”

I thought long and hard since that day, really what difference does having Asperger’s make with regards to my ability to engage with Professionals?  Is it right that I was criticised for the way I responded to professionals, when in fact my responses were triggered by the way I interpret and process what is going on around me? Continue reading “Engaging with Professionals when you are a Parent with Asperger’s”

The ‘Surprise’ Child Protection Meeting

It was snowing, I felt empty as he packed his last bag into the car, this was my new life as a single mum to three.

They would see their Dad, and there was a glimmer of hope that social care would finally provide the help we had been begging for to prevent this break up.

You see, we had been asking for over a year. When Phoebe was in Tier 4 (CAMHS inpatient psychiatric care), the psychiatrist had been very blunt with social care.  He made it very clear that without support caring for an autistic 9-year-old with no sense of danger and severe mental health difficulties, including command hallucinations (voices instructing) that we would inevitably experience carer burn-out.  That fell on deaf ears, the reason – we had ‘managed’ on weekend visits.

Referral after referral went in, but the case was never looked at, beyond a “no”. Continue reading “The ‘Surprise’ Child Protection Meeting”