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About The Story – It Must Be Mum

About this story

In just ten months Peter went from a boy who attended mainstream school unsupported, costing the taxpayer nothing in additional school resource, to being so broken by his school experiences he needed to be admitted to a psychiatric unit at just 9 years old.  As a result he is unlikely to ever return to mainstream education again and needs support costing in excess of £100k per year.

All he needed, was for his teachers to believe him.

This is just 10 months of our story, told through the eyes of a Mum; A Mum who tried, with every bone in her body, to ensure that those involved in her son’s life understood his complexities, so that they could give him the small amount of essential support he needed.  A mum, whose support, in part, enabled her son to hide distress whilst at school, because as soon as he was home he could let it take whatever form it needed to.  A Mum who was willing to risk not being liked and tried so hard not to be unreasonable; to explain calmly and respectfully, over and over: “You’re just not getting it.  He is distressed by school.”

It Must Be Mum Part 1

It Must Be Mum Part 2

It Must Be Mum Part 3

It Must Be Mum Part 4

It Must Be Mum Part 5

It Must Be Mum Part 6

It Must Be Mum Part 7

It Must Be Mum Part 8

What next?

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It Must Be Mum – Part 8


This final part (well I may upload the postscript..).  This says it all really…..

HOWEVER, ALL WAS NOT WHAT IT SEEMED.  What the Finance Group (MARG) did next, even the most hardened SEN Warriors will struggle to believe.’  

Earlier parts of the book can be found here.   Continue reading “It Must Be Mum – Part 8”

It Must Be Mum – Part 7

So Peter has been in hospital for some time.  The acute side to his condition has settled somewhat but in order for his progress to be maintained and continued Peter needs a therapeutic residential ASD placement.  Everyone has agreed this.  Making it happen on the other hand is another issue altogether.  The impact on his mum is horrendous.  Most Professionals, even the ‘good one’ are either clueless or powerless.  Those that are in a position to help go to whole new lengths to obstruct the provision of the support he needs to come home.

Earlier parts of the book can be found here. Continue reading “It Must Be Mum – Part 7”

It Must Be Mum – Part 6

…And the crippling practice of the Local Authority Staff begins.

Earlier parts of the book can be found here.  Peter (now age 10) was admitted to a Tier 4 CAMHS unit 150 miles away from home a few weeks earlier with, among other things, ‘signs of school related trauma’.  He had previously been in mainstream education with no additional support but we had now been told that he needed a specialist residential school.

Chapter 4 Children Don’t Come in Three Parts

At the first CPA (hospital multi agency meeting) meeting, six weeks after his admission, I set about trying to find a school for Peter.  I dropped Lily off at her school, turned on my computer and sat crying, making lists of schools from various searches and visiting their websites. Continue reading “It Must Be Mum – Part 6”

It Must Be Mum – Part 5

Earlier parts of the book can be found here.

Chapter 3 An accidental Expert?

I had just wanted to be Peter’s mum, that’s all.  I wanted to drop him at school, help him with reading and homework and live a family life the rest of the time.  I had a ‘big’ job.  I was a clinician by background and was responsible for ensuring the implementation of public policy across a population of nearly 2 million people.  A considerable part of the role was the interpretation and translation of both clinical and policy information. Continue reading “It Must Be Mum – Part 5”