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“There might be a cost for that.”

“There might be a cost for that.”

Said the GP receptionist, kindly, gently and in an almost apologetic tone. Yes indeed.  There are many costs. They include my identity, my career (job), pension, salary, professional status, our mental health and time...  time with each other.  Having choices about where my child lives ripped away from me is another one that springs to mind, … Continue reading “There might be a cost for that.”

Meetings About Me Without Me

One way or another my life will change quite significantly today.  A meeting is being held without me, or any direct contributions from me, but the outcome will be huge whatever the decision.  No-one in the meeting knows me or my son, Peter, but decisions are being made about him which will affect the rest … Continue reading Meetings About Me Without Me

The ‘Surprise’ Child Protection Meeting

It was snowing, I felt empty as he packed his last bag into the car, this was my new life as a single mum to three. They would see their Dad, and there was a glimmer of hope that social care would finally provide the help we had been begging for to prevent this break … Continue reading The ‘Surprise’ Child Protection Meeting

Alien In The Playground

Welcome to Jon's Mum who has written a Guest Blog 🙂 I looked up at the kitchen clock, it was almost that time again.  It was the same every weekday at 3pm and I’d have that awful lurch in my stomach.  Not that I was wasn’t looking forward to picking Jon up from school, but … Continue reading Alien In The Playground

One of ‘Those’ Parents

By Rosie and Jo's mum I never wanted to be one of ‘those’ parents. In fact, I still don’t want to be one. I need to send my child to school knowing that she will be looked after with integrity and that communications between me and the school will be honest and open. It is … Continue reading One of ‘Those’ Parents

Are they “Naughty” for Attention?

Peter (11yo with Asperger’s) said today "Mum, do you think that people with autism make other people mad on purpose?" He went on to say that when you make someone angry, then the world becomes predictable for a few minutes.  When he feels he is about to be in crisis and nothing makes sense and … Continue reading Are they “Naughty” for Attention?