Month: November 2018

I would talk six thousand pounds….

Such important information for parents and those working with children…


Increasingly I am hearing of schools prevented or delayed by Local Authorities from getting an Education, Health and Care Assessment for a child they believe needs one,  by insisting any requests must be accompanied by:

a) a demonstration the school has already spent £6k on that child and;

b) documented evidence of the Assess, Plan. Do, Review (APDR) Cycle over a number of terms (the number of terms varies across Local Authorities).

c) a recent report from an Educational Psychologist (This won’t be covered in this blog as I have written about this here).

There is nothing wrong with producing any of this as part of a request for an EHC Assessment and it can provide good evidence. However, none of this is required by law and schools can and often do have enough evidence for the child to meet the legal threshold for an assessment without the above…

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Bethany: “hundreds of burst vessels around her face and eyes”.

Bethany: “hundreds of burst vessels around her face and eyes”.

"Bethany's mum visited today to find her with hundreds of burst vessels around her face and eyes." Beth has been exposed to a known trigger, (relentlessly and for hours I suspect), seemingly with no strategies to prevent the impact of the trigger becoming harmful.  As a result of experiencing unmanageable stress, she became distressed and used her … Continue reading Bethany: “hundreds of burst vessels around her face and eyes”.