“Thank you for your thought-provoking, honest, well written pieces & personal accounts on difficult topics that hit home for us all.”
“I recommended this to my friend.  You have no idea how helpful it is to wide spectrum of SEND parents.  So many great articles and eloquently put, observations of barriers we face and have to understand and then overcome or navigate round to help our children. Thank you”
“Thank you very much for this excellent site. It was recommended to me and on first glance I find it different to what else is ‘out there’ and the information is and will be very helpful”
“I’m so glad you have finally had the headspace to write this down publicly. What you went through was horrendous and so many lesson can be learnt from it.  I hope you will continue to be able to share your insights – it is so valuable and a testament to your family’s strength through a nightmare.  I have successfully used your way to bring attention to accountability to poor practice.”
“Thank you for taking the time to post this and guide others. Skilling up other parents and giving them advice and tools to help their child from what you’ve learnt is great.”
“Thank you for taking the time to do this, I really needed to focus on why I am about to destroy our tiny amount of savings, raid my son’s, call in some major favours and generally weaken our financial future irreparably… Thank you”.
“Thank you for writing this. I’m sorry you have been through it all though. Thank you for passing on your knowledge”.