Is it a ‘thinker’ or a ‘sayer’?

Is it a ‘thinker’ or a ‘sayer’?

Peter tells me it was his idea and maybe it was, or maybe his skilled speech and language therapist planted the seed.  I’m not sure?

Either way, it’s been a great way to talk about what to say and what not to say, and to be honest, I think I would benefit from using this tool too!

We have quite a laugh discussing ‘thinkers’ and ‘sayers’.  It is a fun and non-threatening way to discuss just how ‘honest’ we should be…

Just lately Peter has confessed that he confronted a supply teacher mid-lesson.  With hindsight, he thinks the question should have remained a ‘thinker’.  The poor guy had clearly thought carefully about the lesson, but not pitched it quite right (probably a pretty impossible task anyway).  In frustration, Peter (much to the amusement of his peers, I understand) clearly and directly asked the supply teacher if he had ever taught at a SEND school before.

Apparently, the answer was no.

Peter thinks it should have remained a thinker and it niggles him slightly even weeks later.

We have talked.  Perhaps it should have remained a ‘thinker’, however, it taught us that the supply teacher had some lovely and essential skills that are far more important.  He answered honestly.  If he was upset by the question he concealed it from the children and critically, he answered in a way that was non-confrontational and non-critical of Peter.

Now those skills are much harder to come by.


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