Curiosity and kindness can lead to changed lives. Literally.

Curiosity and kindness can lead to changed lives. Literally.

Just lately I was chatting to another parent, who went on to share her experience of helping a man at the jobcentre she worked at.

It turned out that a little curiosity and kindness altered the course of his life through the late diagnosis of a SEN.

Here is the story she shared:

“I returned to work as a civil servant in the local jobcentre following the birth of my son.  I was due to see a gentleman in his late 50s whom I had been warned by colleagues could be nasty.  I read through his previous the notes and I realised that demands were being made of him such as bringing in his jobsearch in writing and that all appointments needed to be attended on time.  It was clear that he would soon be sanctioned if he couldn’t meet these demands.  

It was apparent that he was struggling and I was worried for him.

He’d had no previous problems attending appointment times and I talked to him about this a little.  It transpired that his mum had recently died and she had previously helped him to organise himself.  

This set alarm bells in my head and I then asked if he would go to the college for me.  I told him that if someone there thought the same as me then, no one would be able to stop his money again. 

The gentleman agreed, saying he’d do it for me as I’d asked nicely!

He came in a few weeks later with a bit of paper from the college saying he was dyslexic and they were working with him.  The college also gave him a small bit of coloured plastic to put over the words when reading.  

He thanked me and said I’d changed his life, even if he didn’t find a job at his age.  

You see, this bit of plastic stopped the letters jumping all over the place so he had a better chance of reading things now.  His difficulties were so severe, that when the local shop had changed the location of his tinned meat, he had bought and opened dog food for tea by mistake.   He was relieved that difficulties like this, that he faced daily, would now be slightly eased.

He also said he was sad that his mum never saw that bit of paper, as it implied that he wasn’t stupid AND also that there was a real why he couldn’t read.  He was the nicest man I dealt with, I always had a laugh with him and he was NEVER nasty.  No one could ever stop his money again.

Somethings arent always what they seem!”

It doesn’t have to be difficult.  You don’t need more money and it probably saves time.


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