Am I perceived as dangerous?

Am I perceived as dangerous?

Is is stigma?  I’m not sure, but I do feel that there are dark clouds of suspicion that hamper many conversations.

A little while ago I met Lily’s new school SENCO.  It was a short informal chat at the school gates.  She was friendly, open and clearly passionate about SEN.  I enjoyed meeting her and was delighted that she was joining the staff.

A little while later Lily was struggling, she has trauma symptoms from witnessing years of extreme states in Peter (alongside the trauma of him going away to hospital) and was becoming overwhelmed.  It was affecting her at school.  So I spoke to the SENCO and we met again, but this time the atmosphere was different.  I put it down to it being a busy week.  Anyway, she was supportive and I thought nothing more of it.

Fast forward to yesterday.  My second (and all being well last) meeting with the SENCO, and I sensed an elephant in the room.  Lily joined us for the last part of the meeting and sensed the elephant immediately.  “Mrs SENCO is scary” she said later, “She had daggers in her eyes.  I am never going to a meeting again”.  Mrs SENCO is kind and skilled I believe, and will ensure Lily gets the small amount of support she needs.

For me it’s a bit like she has been ‘warned’ about me, like I pose a threat of some sort?

It is all so unnecessary.  Peter was at this school for 7 weeks.  The old SENCO wasn’t terribly helpful and the safeguarding lead made a massive mistake after Peter left, but I felt we had a good relationship otherwise, especially with his tutor and the couple of teachers I had met.  I chose to send Lily there and I am glad I did, it is a nurturing school with excellent teaching and a kind ethos.  It feels gentle, friendly and the quality of the teaching feels really good.  So why the dark atmosphere?

I have no idea as to the contents of the elephant: what Mrs SENCO thinks she knows, what, if any, her concerns might be or what her views are of our situation, because these are never discussed.  So the elephant sits there with us which is a real shame.  A massive shame.

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 22.34.38

It’s the same with parents.  I took Peter out of his first, First School.  After all he was having hallucinations about his teacher who had written to say he would not be following any professional advice unless he agreed with it (and he didn’t agree with any).  A while later Lily  was so distressed by being around this teacher that she was threatening to run away from school.  The head teacher was worse than useless and part of the problem, so I moved Lily.  No big deal.

These dark clouds that seems to attach themselves to parents too.  I have no idea what the gossip was/is surrounding Peter, his epic breakdown and me not being a fan of their precious village school.  I could really live without the occasional atmosphere though; without this apparent stigma and being treated as though I may have some thing dangerous about me.  Quite frankly we have had enough to deal with, but smile and friendly chat that the gates of this next school can turn the atmosphere cold when it is with a parent from that last school.  Half the time I don’t recognise them but they certainly THINK they know me!

I do wonder what it is they think they know?  I sometimes think that I would be better received if I had served a short spell in jail.

Over time some of the ‘cold shoulders’ are warming up a little and The Elephant doesn’t affect all of them on either inside or outside of the school gates. I feel I have a lovely relationship with a number of the teachers and I am genuinely fond of them.  Many of the parents are friendly too.  As for the rest?  Ugh.  The not knowing is irritating.  What exactly did we do that was so terrible?

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2 thoughts on “Am I perceived as dangerous?

  1. I can completely relate to this, we live in a tiny village, pulled 8 year old ASD boy out of the school in March to home ed, this is the only option as he has severe PTSD symptoms as a result of the way his teacher treated him, shouting at him, making him complete work over and over. CAMHS aren’t interested – we can’t even get a referral for him as the thresholds are too high, although reading your other blogs I’m not sure that I want to go there! Home ed is going wonderfully well as it goes but even going for a trip to the park, some of those mamas are Governors, Parent Association, I’m this awful person for taking my son out and ‘dissing’ their precious school. The complaint sits at stage 3…it’s hanging. I’m about to put in for EHCp assessment I know the LEA will contact the school who deny that the sky is blue and any of this happened ‘there’s no shouting in our school’ I beg to differ when I’m walking the dog past with my son!!! Worst of all the work he completed for a sample for the EP when they were getting their ducks in a row to say why he didn’t need an EHCp were the pieces he was made to do up to 9 or 10 times, there’s no way he works at that standard. Funnily enough they’ve lost all his books from the last academic year. Yep I think I’m definitely perceived as dangerous. I think our children, like your daughter can sense these things a mile off with adults, if they’re not genuine they know. I always trust my children’s base instinct, they have never been wrong (yet).

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    1. Oh :((((( it is just awful but I am so glad he is doing well at home now. I hope you have some good advice re the EHCP and have made the SEND COP your best friend! I notice SOS SEN have just today published booklets that I am sure are excellent (on itmustbemum fb page there is a link if you need it). So sorry for the black clouds and atmosphere. so hard. you will be turned down for EHC assessment of course – most are I think! Appeal – only 7% appeal and about 90+% win at appeal. keep plodding on …….

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