About The Story – It Must Be Mum

About this story

In just ten months Peter went from a boy who attended mainstream school unsupported, costing the taxpayer nothing in additional school resource, to being so broken by his school experiences he needed to be admitted to a psychiatric unit at just 9 years old.  As a result he is unlikely to ever return to mainstream education again and needs support costing in excess of £100k per year.

All he needed, was for his teachers to believe him.

This is just 10 months of our story, told through the eyes of a Mum; A Mum who tried, with every bone in her body, to ensure that those involved in her son’s life understood his complexities, so that they could give him the small amount of essential support he needed.  A mum, whose support, in part, enabled her son to hide distress whilst at school, because as soon as he was home he could let it take whatever form it needed to.  A Mum who was willing to risk not being liked and tried so hard not to be unreasonable; to explain calmly and respectfully, over and over: “You’re just not getting it.  He is distressed by school.”

It Must Be Mum Part 1

It Must Be Mum Part 2

It Must Be Mum Part 3

It Must Be Mum Part 4

It Must Be Mum Part 5

It Must Be Mum Part 6

It Must Be Mum Part 7

It Must Be Mum Part 8

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